School Houses

At School, students participate in well-established and effective house programs. The house system fosters a sense of school spirit and assists with the development of qualities such as persistence, pride, loyalty, and determination.

The house structure creates an opportunity for students to become involved in the organizational aspects of the school. It enhances students’ connectivity to the school and promotes greater participation in co-curricular activities, in the functioning and working of the school.

The entire strength of the school has been divided into various houses. All the houses are actively involved in the smooth and systematic functioning of the school.

To involve the students in the smooth running of the school each house is put on duty for a fortnight. The house on duty has to carry out the following duties :

✓ Conducting the Morning Assembly
✓ Giving the morning talk in the Assembly
✓ Giving “Thought for the Day” and the “News” in the Assembly.
✓ Writing “Thought for the Day” on the Board.
✓ Duty at the school gate before the morning assembly, checking up the late comers and students not wearing proper school uniform.
✓ Flag hoisting
✓ Contribution towards “Wall-Magazine”
✓ Looking after the cleanliness of the school.
✓ Checking the corridors and maintaining school discipline.
✓ Other duties related to co-curricular activities.